Tis the season for an InWin e-drawing competition!

Dec.5 th– 18 th , 2019

About the Event:

Tired of having the same boring front panel on your computer chassis? Change it anytime by using your creativity and imagination. The InWin 309 Panel Competition provides an opportunity for users to design the front panel. Using the simple GLOW2 software allows you to produce a new front panel with 144 LEDs! We are looking for creative designs for the 309 case. The winners can win great prizes and get a chance to publish their design on InWin’s official website.

Event Date:

Dec.5 th – 18 th,2019 PDT/PST

Region Restriction:


Winner announcement:

Dec.26 th,2019

* We will leave a message on the winner's post. The winners have to message the InWin USA Facebook page with their InWin eStore account information before Jan 5 th , 2020. Failure to do so will result in the runner ups obtaining the prizes. So, make sure to respond quickly!

Follow the steps below to start your creation and post:

  1. Click the“Start to Create” button and begin designing your own front panel from the software interface.
  2. After you finish, click “Preview” to apply it on the 309 case and review your creation.
  3. Please click the “Share” button with #InWin309 to share your creation on Facebook. Make sure post is set to “Public”.
  4. Wait for the winner announcement on Dec. 26 th,2019.


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About the 309:

Inspired by the beauty of stained glass, the 309 is for RGB enthusiasts that crave their PCs to be a light show, a club or festive enough for the holidays. Create your own designs with 144 addressable RGB LEDs!

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Begin Creating

Imagine your dream chassis, now create it with lights!

Rules and Regulations:

  • 1. When contestants enroll in this contest, it means that the contestants agree with the relevant regulations of this contest and the terms of use of the website of the Organizer, including the collection, handling and use of personal information of contestants.
  • 2. If the participant used improper conduct to disrupt the fairness of this activity or has violated the terms and conditions of this site, In Win Development Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “InWin”) reserves the right to disqualify the participant. If losses were caused to InWin or other participants due to the improper behavior of participants, InWin has the right to seek compensation from the participants for the losses caused and the participant responsible shall bear all relevant consequences.
  • 3. Currently, the event is only available in the USA. If winners are located outside of the U.S. and cannot provide a local address, the prize will be awarded to the runner up.
  • 4. Designs submitted for this contest shall be limited to original creations, there shall be no infringement of the rights of a third party or violation of laws.
  • 5. After the participant shares the designed images on Facebook by clicking the share and upload button, InWin obtains ownership of the images. Participants also agree that InWin has the right to use or authorize the aforementioned images in events of any nature and purpose, and the method of use includes, but not limited to, the promotion or educational materials of videos, or publications.
  • 6. Contestants agree that for the Organizer's action of using the images of the designs for contest described in preceding paragraph, the contestants shall not request for any remuneration or compensation from the Organizer.
  • 7. Each participant may only apply one image per Facebook account.
  • 8. Contestants shall not transfer the contest eligibility, winning qualification and the rights to receive the prize(s) to any third party.
  • 9. For any matters not specified in the relevant regulations and additional agreement of this contest, the contestants agree that the Organizer of this contest has the right to solely determine the revision, suspension, termination and interpretation for this contest as well as relevant regulations and agreement content (including but not limited to the contest eligibility, event content and prize), and the contestants also agree to accept any determination and decision made by the Organizer for this event.