iBuildiShare is committed to developing interactive and engaging products that achieve a much more enriching PC building experience.
iBuildiShare subverts the traditional method of having a standardized product by engineering, crafting, and assembling a product with your own hands. Immerse yourself within a variety of challenging creative outlets, and transform it into a magnificent work of art.
Live in the moment and find a sense of accomplishment by achieving 100% completion. These experiences are best had with someone special offering a helping hand. Share your work with family, friends, or fellow enthusiasts too!

POC Product BLUE
POC Product
  • Bend and Shape to Form This Origami Case
  • Portable PC Paired With Heavy-Duty Handles For Easy/Safe Transportation
  • Possesses a Dedicated GPU Cooling Chamber
  • Compact Enclosure Supports Larger 3.5-Slot Graphics Cards
  • Eco-Friendly Flat Packaging to Reduce Unnecessary Packing Materials
  • Colossal Structure Deconstructed Into a Solid, Fully Modular Chassis
  • Reversible Handles/Feet; Sturdy Enough For Transportation
  • Constructed and Assembled to Withstand Countless Upgrades
  • Ventilated Throughout While Offering Versatile Cooling Options
  • Spacious Interior Engineered to House High-End Hardware
  • Rugged and Robust Aesthetic
  • First Ever FULLY Modular Case
  • Engineered to be a Perpetual, Upgradable Chassis
  • Entirely Adaptable Internal Layout
  • A Variety of Prebuilt Models
  • Easy Interlocking Expansion Modules to Add More Needs
  • More than 50 Module Combinations
  • Fully Meets the Newest Generation (ATX3.0) of Intel’s PSDG
  • Includes PCIe 5.0, 16-pin Connector with High-Quality 16 AWG Cable
  • Fully Modular with High Quality Flat Cables
  • Highly Reliable Japanese Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Multi-Protection Safeguards (OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, OTP, OPP)
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